A solar lighting solution for sustainable development in Lithuania

A genuine challenge for sustainability 

« Draugystès » means « friendship ».

This urban park in Kaunas is afavourite place for the city’s residents and families, who enjoy the children’s[...]

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Sunna Design accelerates its development in Southern Europe

After acquiring SOL, North America's leading solar lighting company, in 2020, SUNNA DESIGN continues its commercial effort and strengthen its presence in Southern Europe, starting with Spain.

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Malaysia focuses on sustainable development and renewable energy

What could be better than the smart solar lighting solutions proposed by SUNNA DESIGN and AEROLINE SERVICES to concretize the eco-responsible commitment of a municipality?

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KOUROS SA joins Sunna Design’s investors to answer demand for connected public solar lighting

KOUROS SA, an investor focused on low-carbon green power solutions, supports SUNNA DESIGN international development efforts 

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Smiles to fight the night

Along a gravel path, families are living, working, learning or even playing. It’s the essence of human dwelling, a village.

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Performance and longevity: it’s all about design

Style and appearance are important, of course, but SUNNA Design has patented a crucial set of exclusive systems to deliver superior solar lighting performance.

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How to evaluate the quality of a lighting system?

Lighting defines the public space in many ways. It provides visibility and readability but it also brings a real surplus of security, especially to streets, roads and pathways. Lighting[...]

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Let the sun shine over your citizen’s future

Newly elected municipal and county councils servants are looking to engage in virtuous actions. Public solar lighting brings both renewables, bills cuts and security technologies to the table.

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Mastering the fine art of maximum reliability

Autonomous solar lighting is a simplifying technology that requires a lot of engineering and QA to be up to its promises. SUNNA Design’s systems are renowned worldwide for their durability.[...]

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Time Savings are Key to Solar Lighting Success

Free energy is not the only major decision driver for autonomous solar lighting projects. Its growing success has as much to do with its ease and flexibility of installation.

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Color customization on solar LED lamp posts

Most of the time, our technical reputation and ability to reach deadlines are key to win new customers. Lately, color customization came up as a request we address with ease.

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