Time Savings are Key to Solar Lighting Success


Free energy is not the only major decision driver for autonomous solar lighting projects. Its growing success has as much to do with its ease and flexibility of installation.

Solar lighting components and design have evolved so much during the last few years that they now offer a level of performance that exceeds conventional solutions in many ways. Today’s autonomous lamp poles provide multiple nights of continuous lighting even when solar collection is limited and can withstand temperatures reaching -40°F to well over 150°F. But performance and resilience tell only part of the value story.

No wire, no HASSLE

Forget about trenching, cabling, and resurfacing costs and time. Commercial-grade solar lighting requires only a fraction of the installation resources needed by traditional grid connected lamp poles. While valuable during new construction the benefits can be even greater with retrofit projects: old cabling can be left in place and existing pole foundations may often be reused. And even more time can be saved using Sunna Design’s patented wireless configuration and management system. Final adjustments can be made with a few clicks to get an impeccable lighting setup that precisely matches the photometric study and intent.


Perfect timing

As solar lighting doesn’t require trenching and grid connection, it can be installed on site at the very end of a project, further limiting disruption and risk. Reduced installation times are also key in situations involving parking lots, roadways or other public areas where 24/7 use make access challenging and expensive.


OVER the long run 

Fast and flexible installation is not the only advantage of Sunna Design’s autonomous solar lighting. Our patented power management system and integrated design allow the lowest maintenance costs and ensure the longest life cycles in the industry. Providing further flexibility on the procurement side, Our Lighting as a Service solutions rely on our design’s durability to provide years of reliable, high quality lighting in an accessible manner.

 Sunna Design has also built on the design and durability of their lighting products to move beyond lighting, to power and connect the Smart City by embedding additional services including wireless network access, remote audio monitoring, and CCTV. Switching from ground wired poles to autonomous solar lighting enables all the benefits of emerging digital services without the complexity of multiple voltage conversions. Adding additional components is only a matter of planning, rather than rewiring. 




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