KOUROS SA joins Sunna Design’s investors to answer demand for connected public solar lighting

hubspot-preview-thumbnail-Oct-07-2020-09-02-28-55-AMKOUROS SA, an investor focused on low-carbon green power solutions, supports SUNNA DESIGN international development efforts 

KOUROS SAis committed in fighting climate change by investing in the decarbonization of transport and energy production. Kouros’s « Scale-up » program supports start-ups and SMEs in the energy transition sector along their industrialization. It joins the existing Sunna Design Board of Investors during a limited capital increase that follows closely the acquisition of SOL.

“As a shareholder, Kouros brings us its skills and access to its rich ecosystem in the energy transition sector. Their arrival is also part of our strategy of continually strengthening our shareholder base with new actors that bring added value", said Ignace de Prest, CEO of Sunna Design.




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Sunna Design is the leader of solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications, with solar street lighting being our core business.

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