Solar Energy Day in Niger

Solar energy to light up the lives of Niamey's inhabitants

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The Smart City Expo congress in Barcelona, the Great Mass of the Smart City


Transforming cities for citizens

The Smart City Expo World Congress is an event that takes place in Barcelona and whose objective is to promote and raise awareness[...]

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Solar Lighting as a Service

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Smart Lighting Solutions

Adaptive synchronized lighting

Goal: to secure access roads

Secure a passageway by using light energy only where and when it is needed for this function.

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How tech will make our public spaces hyper readable

It’s our perception that sets their reality in time and space. Security, useability, sense of belonging, our streets, squares and cities are sensitive and emotional systems.

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Heat-resistant solar solutions

Proud Winner of the Zayed Sustainability Prize

Winning the prize has been an opportunity for us to send a strong signal which strengthens Sunna Design’s credibility within the renewable energy sector[...]

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Solar streetlight solutions in Saint Barth

Solar lighting solution in extreme climatic conditions

Hurricane Irma Reconstruction Program

One year after Hurricane Irma devastated St. Martin and St. Barthélemy, reconstruction continues on both[...]

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Togo energy access

Following the wish of the community of Zoti, Togo, to access energy, an iSSL+ Solar Streetlight from Sunna Design was installed in Zoti's village in Togo in accordance with Ségolène Royal's[...]

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Innovations > Our iSSL Maxi is now loaded with improvements and innovations

After several months of development and new patents, Sunna Design is proud to announce the renewal of its range.

In addition to being more robust and efficient, the new products have the[...]

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Ignace de Prest joins Sunna Design as CEO

After a phase of R&D and industrialization of its offer, then a fund raising at the end of 2017 to accelerate its growth, Sunna Design announces the arrival of Ignace de Prest as Chief Executive[...]

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First edition of the Impact Summit in Bordeaux

Sunna Design was partner, with Solylend, of the Impact Summit 2018, which took place in Bordeaux on Thursday May 31, 2018.Thomas Samuel, chairman and founder of Sunna Designspoke in the form of[...]

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