Sunna Design ranks #26 in the annual « french tech most creative » Top 100

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Sunna Design acquires SOL Inc.

Sunna Design accelerates growth and expands global presence by acquiring North America's leading solar lighting provider SOL Inc.

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How do stand-alone solar-powered solutions work?

Stand-alone solutions such as solar-powered street lights or generators offer cities and communities a unique opportunity to develop their infrastructure in a sustainable and planet-friendly way.

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5 solar lighting myths debunked

When it comes to solar lighting, distinguishing truth from falsehood can sometimes be tricky. Popular misconceptions about solar street light lead some to believe these solutions are either too[...]

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How solar street lighting can promote positive change

Outdoor lighting plays a key role in the design of public space and can have a profound impact on its structure. Whether it is used for roads, cycling paths, footpaths, residential areas or parking[...]

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Public lighting: 6 reasons to go solar

At the start of any street lighting project, whether installing brand new street lights or renewing existing equipment, it is worth challenging traditional solutions and taking a closer look at the[...]

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New citizen-centric services for a smarter city

Carbon-neutral adaptative public lighting was a giant leap in defining what a smart city component could be. Now that the lamp post is freed from it’s old energy network constraints, SUNNA Design[...]

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Sic luceat lux (Let’s enlighten with lights)

Enlighten places by bringing natural light to others is certainly a great way to celebrate a successful career or to share the fruits of talent. We can help because we do it a lot.

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Come and discover our solar solutions for the smart city with Rise On

At Sunna Design, we are proud to impact more than two million citizens around the world with our intelligent and autonomous solar solutions.Today, it is time to bring them more than light.The[...]

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A standing ovation for urban innovation

Urban concentration and (re)densification

Urban concentration and (re)densification of housing are issues that innovation learns to address. Co-development, tests, lightweight solutions, technologies[...]

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How tech will make our public spaces hyper readable

Public spaces are made of a convoluted fabric.

It’s our perception that sets their reality in time and space. Security, useability, sense of belonging, our streets, squares and cities are sensitive[...]

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