Smiles to fight the night

Along a gravel path, families are living, working, learning or even playing. It’s the essence of human dwelling, a village.

In developing countries, youth is wealth and knowledge is power. All decision making powers can combine sustainable sources of energy and technologies to foster future development.


Here in Asyut, Egypt, community leaders and the Zayed representatives teamed up to install some Sunna Design’s autonomous solar lamposts. The community’s reaction is overwhelming. Night lighting has brought much more than bare security. Along the main path, families are gathering to work, to play, to learn and live even more. Communities thrive when able to use positively the fresh times of the night without fears of danger. Sunna Design’s equipment is easy to buy, maintenance-free and designed to withstand the worst conditions of heat and winds. That’s why the Zayed chose us to achieve some of utmost demanding projects since 2018.


 Asyut, Egypt


 Asyut, Egypt


 Asyut, Egypt


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Sunna Design is the leader of solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications, with solar street lighting being our core business.

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