Is solar lighting really eco-friendly?

On World Environment Day, Sunna Design takes you on a tour of solar solutions recyclability, a key challenge for an even cleaner energy, capable of providing a real answer to the global issue of[...]

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Sunna Design develops its network of partners entitled to take action on its solutions!

As part of the strengthening of its network of partners around the world, Sunna Design is training local teams in all areas where its lights are installed, through its Sunna Design Academy.


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A solar lighting solution for sustainable development in Lithuania

A genuine challenge for sustainability 

« Draugystès » means « friendship ».

This urban park in Kaunas is afavourite place for the city’s residents and families, who enjoy the children’s[...]

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Sunna Design accelerates its development in Southern Europe

After acquiring SOL, North America's leading solar lighting company, in 2020, SUNNA DESIGN continues its commercial effort and strengthen its presence in Southern Europe, starting with Spain.

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Malaysia focuses on sustainable development and renewable energy

What could be better than the smart solar lighting solutions proposed by SUNNA DESIGN and AEROLINE SERVICES to concretize the eco-responsible commitment of a municipality?

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Innovations > Our iSSL Maxi is now loaded with improvements and innovations

After several months of development and new patents, Sunna Design is proud to announce the renewal of its range.

In addition to being more robust and efficient, the new products have the[...]

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VIDEO : Discover our 'Factory of the Future'

We integrated augmented reality to our production line of solar lighting solutions.

Technological innovation has always been an integral part of Sunna Design’s DNA. Therefore, we decided to[...]

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The SunnAPP now available

Currently in its final development phase, the SunnAPP, our connected application for remote diagnosis of installed devices, is entering the beta testing phase with some of our partners. This[...]

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New Product: iSSL Maxi 4

The latest addition to our all-in-one solar streetlight family, the iSSL Maxi 4 integrates the best of Sunna Design’s technological know-how to make it the most reliable and high-performance[...]

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