Sic luceat lux (Let’s enlighten with lights)

Enlighten places by bringing natural light to others is certainly a great way to celebrate a successful career or to share the fruits of talent. We can help because we do it a lot.

We get lots of inquiries from individuals, charities, and foundations from the world around to duplicate the unprecedented success of Sunna Design in bringing efficient public lighting systems to remote EMEA locations. Sunna Design has kept the flexibility of its startup years, but buying general lighting is a bit more complicated than choosing garden lanterns for a front yard.


How much is it?

The big question is pricing. We'd be more than pleased to share a price list that you could pick from like in a good restaurant, but it's impossible, why you ask. Because the costs of logistics and installation vary a lot from one place to another, and they account for most of the final price. Our lighting components are highly durable but also somehow inexpensive as they usually represent less than 25% of the last operation. Hopefully, there is a very straightforward but mandatory step way to settle the question of the price, and we call it On-site Technical Study. It's a methodology that will define the number and type of lamp posts and other equipment needed to achieve a sustainable and efficient result. It provides both local authorities and project sponsors with options, possible evolutions, and a clear vision of the impact on the existing situation. As it is on-site, it's also a great way to publicize the project and get it acknowledged by the population and its leaders. It specifies a target price that may only be modified by unpredictable events or indirect costs evolution. We can set up such a study is less than three months.

What about longevity?

Sunna Design is a newcomer in the lighting industry, but we managed to build a name in the business by focusing on complete product lifecycle management. We offer a ten-year guarantee on all our lighting systems and batteries because we manage everything in house from specification to complete integration. Our products are so durable and sturdy that they survive extreme UAE climate conditions without any noticeable performance alteration. We are at war with obsolescence. We design our equipment so it can easily be dismantled, updated, or recycled. Any LED lighting system will experience a slow fade of its emission capacity with passing time, but their maintenance cost is marginal when compared with any other technology.

Solar lighting in Africa

The light upon us all

Getting our villages, our beloved birthplace communities out of the night's darkness is a real achievement in one's successful life. It is a commitment to the future of the youngest and the security of all. Bringing light where it is needed is an adventure, we are delighted to share with you.

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Sunna Design is the leader of solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications, with solar street lighting being our core business.

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