How tech will make our public spaces hyper readable

Public spaces are made of a convoluted fabric.

It’s our perception that sets their reality in time and space. Security, useability, sense of belonging, our streets, squares and cities are sensitive and emotional systems.

Optimizing public spaces is a challenge that requires a global response made to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone while offering spot-on solutions to specific demands. Modern urbanism develops a science that defines and enforces rules and laws to ensure basic functionality in complex areas. But smart cities and innovative communities are asking for more. They want opportunistic, easy-to-configure, and evolutive autonomous solutions to deliver more finely tuned services for all.

Solar street light : Réhabilitation du parc Moch Couoh, Campeche (Mexique)

Legibility is key to sustainability

Public spaces are creations of many faces. An early winter morning is asking for a straight strong light when a summer night might be perfected by a dimmed mood and presence-sensitive lighting effects. We are so used to get light as an on / off commodity. Bringing life and function back onto a deserted square or along a seaside walkway requires a range of systems able to be finely and individually tuned to perform along with the weather, human activity and sensible energy use. An ambient sense of care and performing technologies can do a lot to impulse new practices in communities. Delivering some legible outdoor space with no dark corners is an invitation to interaction, reinforcing links and social connectivity.

A soft and fast path to public spaces evolution

Street readability often relies on unreliable light sources such as commercial signage or driveway spotlights. New pathways, extended bike lanes and sidewalks, are poorly lit by arrays of existing lamp posts designed for automotive traffic. It’s a pity and it is dangerous. Visibility is the main component of passive security. Leveraging public spaces safety up to the new paradigms of sustainable personal transportation and recreational urban sports is a key asset for communities. Integrating autonomous, easy-to-configure, small footprint public lighting systems not only paves the way to an optimal use of public spaces but also sets new standards for energy, data and services management.

Our comprehensive line of Sunna Design sturdy solar systems will help you build resilient, evolutive and amazingly green answers to an-ever changing world of urban evolution.

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