New citizen-centric services for a smarter city

Carbon-neutral adaptative public lighting was a giant leap in defining what a smart city component could be. Now that the lamp post is freed from it’s old energy network constraints, SUNNA Design develops more functionalities for an enriched citizen-centric experience.

Sensing the need

Are you ready for a street that anticipates on your steps at night? Sensor technologies are so ubiquitous in our lives that we don’t even blink when our phone’s screen adjusts it’s brightness to the surroundings. SUNNA Design’s products integrate multiple sensors to achieve the best possible service-per-watt. Motion sensors tell when and where light is needed. Light sensors help in adjusting energy levels according to local on-time conditions. Sound sensing is also used to manage an array of light sources according to the speed and direction of perceived vehicle motion. Combining seamlessly those sources into a smart lighting pattern helps deliver responsiveness and interaction without requiring a finite or even predefined plan.



Sharing energies

We designed a solar-to-battery circuit so efficient that it can power up a lamp post for multiple nights without even achieving full charge cycles during days. Frugality has value. It allows our systems to extend usage to free phone charger capabilities. Who needs to carry extra backup batteries when a stop at a lamp post « juices up » enough for that important call?

This is the beginning

Lamp posts are the ideal low-footprint platform to deliver more services to citizens. Examples? It doesn’t take much hardware to bring up a full fledged public address system so smart that any authorized person can use it by simply logging in via it’s Bluetooth phone. And what about supporting interactive map displays in complex navigation areas such as new developments and suburbs or old city centres? SUNNA Design is working on integrating the most relevant components needed by the Internet of Things to bring the world of connected objects up to it’s full potential.


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