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Following the wish of the community of Zoti, Togo, to access energy, an iSSL+ Solar Streetlight from Sunna Design was installed in Zoti's village in Togo in accordance with Ségolène Royal's promise to the inhabitants of the village.

Energy generation, an association that supports young entrepreneurs in energy access projects in Africa and aims to promote and disseminate technological innovations, has supported the village population in this project.

"Following on from COP21, Africa's access to renewable energy, including solar energy, is a promise that we must deliver.
In particular, to meet the needs of women who, like in Zooti, have asked for a solar street lamp so that children can work on their schoolwork.

Congratulations to SunnaDesign and Thomas Samuel who were able to be very responsive and respond to a need expressed by the inhabitants of the village who were involved in the choice of the location and uses of the new street lamp

This experimental action is part of Togo's energy transition plan, which is of excellent quality.

Ségolène Royal, Minister

"I went to Zooti on the morning of July 11 to see that, thanks to the combined action of Sunnadesign, BBox and Nécotrans, Ségolène ROYAL's commitment to provide the village with a solar street lamp before July 14 had been respected! The women of the village in particular who had chosen the location of the lamp post were delighted and gave me the best welcome! "

Marc Vizy, Ambassador of France to Togo

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