Solar Energy Day in Niger

Solar energy to light up the lives of Niamey's inhabitants

The Government of Niger is launching a major program to bring electricity to local populations through solar groups and streetlights to European standards. That will be marketed by the Niger private group Kanf Electronics, in partnership with Sunna Design and Libre Energie.

As part of Solar Day, Sunna Design presented its vision of a more sustainable, fairer world that respects the living conditions of rural populations. In this country in an energy revolution, Sunna Design has already deployed hundreds of intelligent and connected solar streetlights that comply with European standards. UP2 and iSSL Maxi Roads that improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Niamey in Niger.

Provide access to clean electricity for residents

These solar groups and solar streetlights will undoubtedly contribute to improving the capacities and offers of the country's public, para-public, and private services and beyond to improving the living conditions of local populations, mainly rural communities. With products that meet European standards, they provide a safe and secure source of electricity for our people. For the Representative of the Ministry of Energy, this initiative from the private sector will make it possible to use Niger's energy needs. Mr. Bouhari Boukar reminds us "the use of solar energy to meet our energy needs is becoming increasingly important in our country," he said. Thus, he continues, "the government has adopted a National Electricity Access Strategy (SNAE) aimed at electrifying the territory through different options including 85% by grids, 5% by mini-grids and 10% by individual systems. This objective of this program is to achieve an 80% electricity access rate by 2035," he added.

Sustainable and low-cost energy through efficient and robust solar solutions

While welcoming the CEO of Kanf Electronics Group "whose contribution will ensure the availability of quality solar equipment on the market." The objectives of this strategy will be achieved with the involvement of all stakeholders in the sector, including the private sector.

As Bruno Ayma, our "Regional Sales Manager," explains, "we are enlightening the world with sustainable solutions. Solar energy is a permanent, available, and free resource, and we store it to distribute it and thus illuminate cities and rural areas. At Sunna Design, we enlighten and sustainably connect the world.


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