Solar streetlight solutions in Saint Barth

solution eclairage solaire

Solar lighting solution in extreme climatic conditions

Hurricane Irma Reconstruction Program

One year after Hurricane Irma devastated St. Martin and St. Barthélemy, reconstruction continues on both islands, but remains slow in St. Martin, more affected and facing insurance and material delivery problems.

In many places, tarpaulin-covered roofs and unrepaired houses are still evidence of the strength of the cyclone. In other places, roofs are being built. Families still live there, but no one is housed in emergency shelters anymore. "Gradually we come back, it's hard, it's a long-term job," admits Daniel Gibbs, President of the Saint-Martin community.

"On private buildings, we still have a major reconstruction," says Philippe Gustin, Inter-ministerial Delegate for Reconstruction and Guadeloup's Prefect, who also highlights the efforts to bury power lines and digital telephone networks.

Fast, economical and sustainable autonomous solar lighting solutions

For the publics lighting challenges

In this context of reconstruction, Sunna Design has developed a local partners network, notably with Saint Barth Solar, to provide rapid, economical and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of public lighting for public and private infrastructure.

"I think it is important to put all efforts into reconstruction and especially into networks. A real master plan should be drawn up, bringing all the players around the table: electricity, telephone, sanitation..." begins Xavier Lédée (United for Saint-Barthélemy) during the 2018 budget orientation debates at the Saint Barthélémy territorial council. "90% of public lighting needs to be redone, it is an opportunity to reflect on the use of renewable energies, especially solar energy".

Lampadaire solaire pour conditions climatiques extrêmes

The solution: intelligent and connected iSSL Maxi 4 solar lighting fixtures

From the "Place de Lorient" to the island's tennis courts

Emblematic projects have been carried out by Sunna Design and its partners with the deployment of solar street lighting solutions, ISSL Maxi Area around the Colombier tennis courts. We have also installed six iSSL Maxi 4 around the parking area of the Lorient church in Saint Barthélemy. The FBM electric vehicle garage also purchased solar autonomous lighting solutions.

These alternative solutions usual infrastructures allow to validate the technical and economic relevance for a more massive diffusion in isolated or strategic places.

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