Time Savings are Key to Solar Lighting Success

Free energy is not the only major decision driver for autonomous solar lighting projects. Its growing success has as much to do with its ease and flexibility of installation.

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Color customization on solar LED lamp posts

Most of the time, our technical reputation and ability to reach deadlines are key to win new customers. Lately, color customization came up as a request we address with ease.

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Sunna Design ranks #26 in the annual « french tech most creative » Top 100

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How do stand-alone solar-powered solutions work?

Stand-alone solutions such as solar-powered street lights or generators offer cities and communities a unique opportunity to develop their infrastructure in a sustainable and planet-friendly way.

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New citizen-centric services for a smarter city

Carbon-neutral adaptative public lighting was a giant leap in defining what a smart city component could be. Now that the lamp post is freed from it’s old energy network constraints, SUNNA Design[...]

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Sic luceat lux (Let’s enlighten with lights)

Enlighten places by bringing natural light to others is certainly a great way to celebrate a successful career or to share the fruits of talent. We can help because we do it a lot.

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